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Let's be a never-sleep forum! Let's reach it together! *Pointing toward the lamp* XD Ayo jadi forum yang tak pernah tidur! Kita laksanakan bersama! *Nunjuk ke arah lampu* XD
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International Section, Introduction Room
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 nananan rules *kicked* XD

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noila marionnettes

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PostSubject: nananan rules *kicked* XD   Tue 08 Sep 2009, 11:20

Welcome to bilingual phantom RPG forum. this forum use 2 language Indonesia (because I came from indonesia XD) and english. Automatically this forum was divided into 2, english section and indonesia section. So, we have different rules in here. please read carefully XD

Normal rules

as you know the normal and basic rules.

No spam, too much out of topic, or double posting without reason *.<----- ah well for this kind of rules, I oftenly broke it too ahahaha, so you can actually break this rules a few times, but! don't do it to much!! XD also do it when we are in unserious topic or so. XD


for spam, oot and double posting... well we can tolerate it IF you didn't over do it

(for double posting don't do it in 24 hours time)

no ThIs kiNd OF texT or thiskindoftext or t h i s k i n d o f t e x t

nor this one ths kind of txt

well we didn't allow it because it will trouble the other member

no ID clone. (please?) XD

for the text or oot spam and so we can tolerate it a bit and we will give you warning but if you do it to much we will ban you for about a week.

BUT for flame, SARA, PORNOGRAPHIC AND STUFF, we will automatically warn you and ban you for a month. if you still do it we will delete your account and ban you IP address. This was very serious foul but we believe you wouldn't do it XDD

now, for special rules >< read carefully pleasee, pleasee?? NO! we wont read (me: NOOOOO! you must read!)

If you can speak both language you can join both section.

member may have only 1 Character RP, but when they become VIP/senior member and fulfill the criteria they can have 2 character.

As I wrote before if you can speak both language you can join both section, the RP too of course, but we wouldn't provide translation for you. (sorry, but we are busy too ><)

if you want to tell other member to move their character or stuff, please use "oot:....." or "______________" if no just make it clear XD

I think that the basic rules, for the RP we will post the detail in each section.

oh, before I forgot if you find any problem with the forum, member, etc. contact us as soon as possible. you can use private message or email, for the one that live in indonesia please text us as soon as possible. then we will try to solve the problem, thank you so much. Please cooperate with us.

-noir marionnettes- xD
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nananan rules *kicked* XD
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